Youth for Healthy Schools


Youth Voice:

The voices of young people are critically important to include in school food and wellness policy.  Youth for Healthy Schools helps youth ensure that they get a seat the table where these policy decisions are made. Around the country youth are at the center of a nationwide push for healthier school meals and snacks, school wellness centers, community spaces for play and activity, and support of higher standards for school food. They have the solutions that thread wellness solutions through school, community and home to create sustainable answers to ensuring every child has an ability to grow up at a healthy weight.


School Nutrition and Student Health:

A healthy student is a successful student.  Academic success goes hand in hand with the comprehensive wellness of students and proactive policies that support the nutritional, physical and emotional health of students are critical to a healthy school environment.  Youth for Healthy Schools works with students across the country that are engaged in the development and implementation of meaningful policies related to school meals, physical activity, school discipline and overall student wellness.  Every student deserves an opportunity to develop within a healthy school environment.


Community Wellness:

Youth and parents of color across the nation are growing the movement for health and wellness in our communities. To improve school and community health, we must return to our roots. Traditional foods and methods of growing were affordable and sustainable before the corporate control of our food and agriculture systems.  Our lack of access to whole foods and healthy spaces is directly related to land removal and institutional racism. Communities of color deserve access to affordable healthy foods and beverages and are working to make those options available in every neighborhood.